It’s no joke…Anne Dowell opened Apron Strings on April 1, 2008. Well, she didn’t do it alone — this is a family project. Her husband, Mike, did a whole bunch of the work, not to mention his consistent support and encouragement. Plus their children, Leah and Tyler, certainly chip in and help out a lot.

In fact, 11-year-old Leah, with her passion for cooking, was the inspiration for the store. Just as Anne got her first taste of kitchen joy from tagging after grandma as she baked bread and cinnamon rolls — from scratch, of course; Leah has savored the same experience.  As a result, grown up Leah graduated from Culinary School and now has spread her wings to Louisville, Kentucky and Plehn’s Bakery.

Anne doesn’t consider herself a gourmet, just a good cook who finds the art of food preparation and presentation interesting and satisfying. The products she has chosen to carry in her store reflect that — practical, yet with a flair for fun…quality you can depend on…and, most importantly, great value.